Expertise in photovoltaic façades: more energy for your building.

In times of the energy transition, the energy efficiency of façades takes on a new significance. Thanks to advanced photovoltaic technology, façades are increasingly being used to harvest sustainable solar energy. Whether new construction or renovation of occupied buildings: For building owners, the integration of PV modules into the façade is an interesting and contemporary option with regard to energy self-consumption. As a pioneer in solar solutions, Schweizer provides all services for PV solutions in façade construction from a single source – from planning to production to installation – and is also the first point of contact for service or maintenance years later.

Building-integrated photovoltaics: cost-saving and aesthetic.

Today’s use of solar modules is not limited to the roof. The key term is building-integrated photovoltaics. Here, the integrated PV modules take on a dual role: they supply the building with solar power and are at the same time an integrated component of the building envelope. In this way, façades also make an important contribution to sustainable energy generation. The panels also replace other building materials such as cladding materials, thus saving construction costs compared to conventional PV systems. The aesthetics are also impressive. Solar modules as part of the building envelope are available in different variants and colours. As high-quality visual design elements, they make a modern architectural statement.

Gebäudehülle, Photovoltaik-Fassaden, gebäudeintegrierte Photovoltaik

Our references – your inspiration.

We have demonstrated our industry leadership and expertise in countless projects of differing sizes. Our references speak for themselves. You can explore a selection of façade projects we are particularly proud of here.

Developers and architects appreciate the added value that façade solutions from Schweizer offer.

Gebäudehülle, Photovoltaik-Fassaden, gebäudeintegrierte Photovoltaik
Gebäudehülle, Photovoltaik-Fassaden, gebäudeintegrierte Photovoltaik
Gebäudehülle, Photovoltaik-Fassaden, gebäudeintegrierte Photovoltaik
Gebäudehülle, Photovoltaik-Fassaden, gebäudeintegrierte Photovoltaik

Do you have any questions regarding façade solutions from Schweizer, or would you like to receive expert advice during a project?

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Pius Baumeler

Head of Sales Façades

Needs-oriented sales and planning.

Schweizer’s façade solutions are precisely tailored to the object and the customer’s ideas. We contribute our knowledge and experience as early as the quotation and planning phase. The detailed preparation of offers and projects with optimisations, installation concepts, schedules, etc. creates transparency and planning security.

Customised production.

The quality of a façade is measured in the high quality of the materials and the care taken in production. Schweizer fulfils both with state-of-the-art production technologies and processes as well as its own sheet metal processing and paint shop. Close coordination between project management, planning and assembly optimises production processes, creates more flexibility and increases economic efficiency.

Efficient mounting solutions.

Schweizer creates a precisely coordinated mounting concept for each project as early as the quotation and planning phase. This guarantees a precisely calculable procedure in the construction process. For quality assurance, the façade elements are largely prefabricated and delivered glazed. The façade envelope is thus sealed more quickly – with a positive effect on the schedule.

Customer-oriented service.

Schweizer’s services ensure that a building still presents itself in the best light, even after many years. The service team takes care of minor repairs immediately. On request, we also take care of long-term maintenance – with a maintenance contract individually tailored to the property.