A versatile and sophisticated programme.

The idea is captivating, the product perfect. Wood is a structural support element with natural insulating properties and a homely character, while aluminium provides an absolutely weather-resistant outer covering. Different design variants with differing contours offer a broad selection of design options. This makes windura light a persuasive all-round solution.

Holz/Metallfenster-System, Wohnbaufenster, windura

Top marks for budget and environmental considerations.

The life cycle assessment is impressive. Wood is a CO2-neutral material that is available locally, renewable in terms of growth and, through its use, contributes to forestry management and the health of our forests. Aluminium can be recycled at the end of its long product life. This ensures that our wood/metal windows and façades are exemplary in ecological terms. Moreover, their durability and low maintenance requirement make them a secure investment.

Holz/Metallfenster-System, Wohnbaufenster, windura light
windura light with wing and frame cover. The additional frame covering ensures protection of the protruding frame profile and identical colouring of the exterior side.

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