Aesthetically and ecologically outstanding.

Comprehensive combination options of the aluminium shells ensure a broad variety of design options, despite the limited number of individual components. The combination of naturally renewable wood on the inside with absolutely weather-resistant aluminium on the exterior achieves an excellent ecological balance. Maintenance of the exterior is reduced to occasional cleaning.

Holz/Metall-Fenstersystem, windura
The integral window attracts through its restrained and elegant contour and its impressive qualitative and ecological values.

Diverse realisation options and designs.

In addition to the extensive combination options for profiles, the system also encompasses a range of special solutions. Floor-to-ceiling windows, so-called French doors, are realised with a system-integrated and tested zero threshold that facilitates perfect rolling and accessing. Use of integrated wings enables the achievement of window strips with opening windows and fixed glazing that create a continuous and consistent appearance. It is not immediately apparent where a window can be opened and where fixed glazing is installed.

Holz/Metall-Fenstersystem, windura, Nullschwelle
The zero threshold for windura-E top French doors is absolutely free of barriers and accessible to the disabled. The threshold profile forms the lower frame of the French door element in this context.

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