Record-breaking solar roof: Schweizer supplies the mounting system

Ernst Schweizer AG is a partner in the realisation of the world’s largest rooftop photovoltaic system. The MSP mounting system will be used to install more than 80,000 modules with an output of over 35 MWp.

The world’s largest rooftop photovoltaic system will be built in Scandinavia in the coming months. DSV, a global logistics company with 75,000 employees and offices in over 80 countries, is building a state-of-the-art logistics centre in the Danish city of Horsens. The huge building complex is the fifth largest in the world – the main roof is around 1 kilometre long and the storage area is 220,000 square metres. It is designed to be resource-efficient and energy self-sufficient and uses the latest technologies.

An equally impressive photovoltaic system is being built on the gigantic roof area. It will one day generate an impressive 35.85 MWp Рenough to cover practically all of the centre’s energy needs. Annual production of approx. 33.15 GWh is expected. This corresponds to the electricity consumption of around 7,300 households. This will allow DSV to save over 5,300 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

The main contractor for this major project is SolarFuture ApS, a leading Danish supplier of photovoltaic systems for commercial and industrial buildings. Together with DSV, SolarFuture has chosen Schweizer as a partner and supplier for the substructure of the rooftop PV system.

The installation of over 80,000 modules with the MSP-FR-EW mounting system from Schweizer is about to begin. The lightning current-carrying system for framed PV modules is characterised above all by quick and easy installation with minimal effort. It can be installed without penetrating the roof and can be flexibly adapted to the roof topography. MSP-FR-EW combines minimal load impact with high cost-effectiveness and durability and also impresses with the use of climate-friendly, high-quality aluminium as a material. This reduces CO2 emissions by around 75 per cent compared to the global average.

The PV system is expected to be fully installed and connected to the power grid by the end of 2024. It represents a milestone for everyone involved in the project, for the solar industry as a whole and for the development of renewable energies in Europe. Gunnar Johansson, Head Solar at Schweizer, emphasises: “It is with great pride that we are a partner in this extraordinary PV system. This flagship project confirms the potential and advantages of our MSP mounting system for maximum use of the roof area and demand-oriented solar power production.”

The MSP mounting system will be used to install over 80,000 modules on the enormous roof area.