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PV mounting system MSP-TT for tapezoidal sheet metal roofs

The MSP-TT photovoltaic mounting system is suitable for mounting framed photovoltaic solar modules onto single-layer trapezoidal sheet metal roofs.

Advantages at a glance

  • No cutting on site: The rails are available in three prefabricated lengths and thus can be adjusted to fit the particular size of the flat metal roof.
  • No drilling: Thin sheet screws make additional drilling unnecessary.
  • Short rails: are easy to handle and can be mounted in any length required.
  • Flexibility: There are no length restrictions, because the thermal expansion is automatically absorbed.
  • No trapezoidal sheet flashing: Mounting is carried out onto the metal corrugations. Thus individually manufactured components are unnecessary.
  • Excellent corrosion protection: Aluminium components and the EPDM tape prevent infiltration of moisture.
  • Professional software: Intuitively operated planning software with access to the entire wealth of construction expertise.

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