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Design software for the roof integrated PV mounting system Solrif


proSOLRIF is design software for the roof integrated PV mounting system from Ernst Schweizer AG. Based on building parameter inputs, module types, and wind and snow loads the program calculates the number of structural brackets according to the European standard, Eurocode 1. Besides calculating the structural design, the program creates a bill of materials including any additionally selected components such as flashings.


The new, completely revised version 6.0 was created on our behalf by Solarschmiede. This free version is based on the PVScout design software and is restricted to designing roof configurations. What is new about proSOLRIF 6.0 is the fact that it is now suitable for various roof types that may now also include obstacles (such as chimneys and roof windows). It can calculate monthly or yearly shading, and allows you to add or delete individual modules. A full-featured upgrade to PVScout with integrated proSOLRIF 6.0 is also available for a fee. Additional features include designing inverters and analysing financial returns.


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