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Photovoltaic systems

Sportanlage Untermosen, Wädenswil

Design: photovoltaics mounting system MSP-FR-EW for 1140 modules
Client: City of Wädenswil
Technical planner: Bernhard Brechbühl Energie-Planung, Wädenswil

Installer: Jaisli-Xamax AG, Dietikon

Strassgang Business Park, Graz (A)

Design: 3653 PV modules RED 260 PE, installed using the photovoltaics mounting system MSP-TT
Client: Gewerbepark Strassgang GmbH, Graz
Technical planner & installer: Freiding Erneuerbare Energien GmbH, Graz
Special features: First installation using the MSP-TT system by DOMA/Schweizer.

ABZ Balberstrasse, Zurich-Wollishofen

Design: 2428 Sunpower modules SPR-230NE-BLK with in-roof photovoltaic mounting system Solrif®, dummy modules as well as Wenger skylights for Solrif
Client: Allgemeine Baugenossenschaft Zürich ABZ, Zurich
Architect: Raumfindung Architekten GmbH, Rapperswil
Sole contractor: W. Schmid AG, Glattbrugg
Technical planner & installer: SunTechnics Fabrisolar AG, Küsnacht
Special features: Very large in-roof PV system distributed over five houses.

Holztechnologiezentrum, Zwingen

System: 468 modules, installed output 121,68 kWp

Owner: Daniel Blaser AG und Holzbauplanung Blaser AG, Zwingen

Planning, installer: Burger AG, Laufen

Single family home Dorfstrasse, Glattfelden, Switzerland

System: 33 SunPower Solrif® modules SPR-230-NE-BLK, 7.59 kWp, two integrated roof windows by Wenger
Owner: Fabio Creti, Glattfelden
Architect: Mirlo Urgano Architekten GmbH, Zurich
Planning/installation: Raumanzug GmbH, Zurich

Barn Meggenhorn, Meggen

System: 414 Solrif® modules SunPower SPR-230NE-BLK, installed Output 95,22 kWp
Owner: Municipality Meggen, Meggen
Specialist planning: BE Netz AG, Ebikon
Installer: BE Netz AG, Ebikon

Residence and business house, Kriens

System: 133 modules SPR-230NE-BLK with photovoltaic in-roof mounting system Solrif®, installed Output 30,59 kWp
Owner: Kirchrainweg AG, Markus and Marie-Theres Portmann, Kriens
Architect: aardeplan ag, Architekten ETH SIA, Baar
Planning: e4plus AG, Kriens
Installer: Wicki Dach- und Fassadenbau AG, Kriens

Single-family detached home, Pfeffingen


System: West-roof: 48 SunPower PV SPR-225 BLK, installed Output 10,8 kWp; east-roof: 50 SunPower PV SPR-225 BLK, installed Output 11,25 kWp

Owner: Reinhald Folger, Pfeffingen

Installer: Emil Landsrath AG, Basel

Refurbishment of single-family detached home, Hofstetten


System: SunPower® Solrif® modules, 225Wp all black

Installation: Emil Landsrath AG, Spenglerei, Basel

Window installer: Velux Schweiz AG, Trimbach

Special features: Standardized in-roof solution including 2 roof-windows 

Truffer single-family detached home, Küsnacht


System: 99 SunPower® PV modules, Solrif® installation system

Owner: Truffer Family, Küsnacht

Architect: Bellevue Studio s.a.r.l., Zurich

Planning/installation: Neaf Energietechnik, Zurich

Net positive home, Küsnacht


System: Solrif® PV in-roof system, Meko 32 Minergie-P® standard wood/metal windows

Architect: Bauatelier Metzler, Frauenfeld

Specialist PV planning: Basler & Hofmann, Zurich

Installation: LEC Leutenegger Energie Control, Küsnacht

Window installer: Hasler Fenster AG, Therwil

Special features: The PV-system produces twice the household's electricity needs including heating and hot water.

Ecumenic community center Halden, St. Gallen


System: 212 photovoltaik-modules (in-roof) SunPower® Solrif®

Building contractor: Sankt Galler Stadtwerke, St. Gallen

Architect: Forrer Krebs Ley, St. Gallen

Specialist planner/installation: Solarstatt, Chur

Two-family home, Kappel am Albis


System: SunPower® Solrif® in-roof PV system

Owner: Lukas Berger, Hauptikon

Specialist planning: LEC Leutenegger Energie Control, Küsnacht

Installation: Berger Boiler-Service AG, Kappel am Albis

Power plant Ponte Brolla

Power plant Ponte Brolla


Construction: Solrif photovoltaik in-roof installation, total power 20 MWh

Building contractor: Azienda Elettrica Ticinese, Bellinzona

Specialist planning: AET, Monte Carasso

Installation contractor: Laube SA, Holzbau, Dachkonstruktion, Biasca

Single family house, Küsnacht

Einfamilienhaus Küsnacht


Construction: Solrif photovoltaik in-roof installation system, total power 10 kWp

Building contractor: Martin Ammann, Küsnacht

Architect: Atelier A Rémy Ammann, dipl. Architekt ETH/SIA, Zürich

Specialist planning/Installation contractor: LEC Leutenegger Energie Control, Küsnacht

Primary school Trimmis

Primarschule Trimmis


Construction: Single pitch roof, powder-coated Solrif roof covering

Building Contractor: ars solaris hächler, Chur

Specialist Planning: Solarstatt GmbH, Chur

Installation: Solarstatt GmbH, Chur

Special features: Installed power 37 kWp, annual output 39000 kWh

tts Global Logistics GmbH, Bürstadt/Germany

Photovoltaik-Anlage tts Global Logistics GmbH, Bürstadt

Planning: ibu GmbH

Detailed planning and execution: Syndicate of the companies activ solar Energietechnik GmbH and RALOS Vertriebs GmbH

Architects/General contractor: Team K Architekten AG, Burgdorf

Agricultural building in Barberêche FR/Switzerland

Landwirtschaftsgebäude Barberêche

Construction: 920 m² Solrif photovoltaic in-roof installation system

Principal client: E. und B. Aeberhard, Barberêche

Architect: Theo Aebischer, St. Antoni FR

Engineer: Ackermann + Sturny, Tafers FR

Detail planning and commisioning: Solstis, Pascal Affolter, Lausanne


Winner of the Swiss and European Solar Prize 2006

Residential area "Im Moos", Zurich/Switzerland

Siedlung Im Moos Zürich

Planning: Enecolo AG, Mönchaltdorf

Installation contractor: Kottmann Energie AG, Luzern

Principal client: Allgemeine Wohnbaugenossenschaft Zurich (ABZ); Zurich

Special features: Total installed power of 97 kW with installations on 11 of the 14 buildings

Multi family house in Chemin de Florency, Lausanne/Switzerland

MFH Cehmin de Florency Lausanne

Planning: Enecolo AG, Mönchaltdorf

Installation contractor: Kottmann Energie AG, Luzern

Principal client: Stiftung "Le Logement Simple" (SIL), Lausanne

Special features: Total installed power of 38 kW on the whole south-facing roof


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