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Solar collector systems

Dual single-family house, Uffikon

Design: 3 solar collectors Indach FK1, 86 PV modules Solrif-CNPV 205M and PV dummy modules customised on site, 800 L heat pump storage tank
Client: Fellmann family, Uffikon
Architect: Raum 09, Ralph Fellmann, Sursee
Installation: Zemp + Erni GmbH, plumbing & heating, Uffikon, Furrer Solartechnik GmbH, Cham
Special features: Winner of HEV Special Solar Award 2015 with PlusEnergieBau Diploma

Multifamily houses Oberwis, Quartier Dättnau, Winterthur

Design: 124 flat roof collectors on three houses, 3 × Swiss Solartan steel tanks with fresh water stations Friwa Midi Kaskade und Friwa Maxi
Client: Adimora investment foundation, Zurich
Architect: Jakob Steib Architekten, Zurich
General contractor: Implenia Generalunternehmung AG, Zurich
Technical planner & installer: Hunziker Partner AG, Winterthur
Special features: To avoid legionella bacteria issues the water is heated with fresh water stations based on the continuous flow heater principle.

Nachwärmeverbund Enko AG, Müswangen, Switzerland

System: 37 FK2-H4 solar thermal collectors , 85.1 m2 absorber area, metal roof cover (standing seam), mounting system by building contractor
Owner: Beat Heggli, Müswangen
Planner: Stenz AG, Wohlen
Installer: BE Netz AG, Ebikon

Multi-tenant home Gesellschaftsstrasse, Berne, Switzerland

System: FK1 solar thermal collectors, absorber aera 23 m2, integrated flush roof window by Wenger
Owner: Edgar and Anna Gabriela Braunschweig
Architect: Georg Luginbühl Architekturbüro, Berne
Planner: Ernst Schweizer AG
Installer: Jenni Energietechnik, Oberburg
Window: Wenger Fenster AG, Wimmis

Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, Lausanne

System: 16 flat roof solar thermal collectors FK2, total absorber area 36.8 m2
Owner: Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, Lausanne
Specialist planning: Alvazzi Lausanne SA, Lausanne
Installer: Alvazzi Lausanne SA, Lausanne

Single-family home K. + I. Flück, Brienz

System: solar-thermal inroof solution including 61 PV SPR-225-BLK, installed power 13,725 kWp and 5 in-roof collectors FK1, total absorber area 11,5 m2
Owner: K. + I. Flück, Brienz
Installer: Wyler Holzbau AG, Brienz
Special features: Old collector's replaced by flat roof FK1

Besenbeiz, Zwillikon


System: FK1 solar-thermal inroof system and SunPower® Solrif® SPR-225NE-BLK modules

Owner: Andreas Frutiger, Zwillikon

Planning and implementation: Berger Boiler-Service AG,

Hauptikon/Kappel a.A.

Special features: Multiple-slope roof

Alterswohnungen GBC, Cham


System: FK2-H2 solar-thermal flat roof system, 32.2 m² absorber area, 2 storage tanks each 650 l and a seperate 800 l boiler

Owner: Gemeinnützige Baugenosseneschaft Cham (GBC), Cham

Installer: Schärer + Beck AG, Steinhausen

Single-family detached home, Tobel


System: In-roof system with 5 in-roof collectors FK1, 11.5 m² total absorber area, plus 36 SunPower® Solrif® modules SPR-230NE-BLK, 8.28 kWp installed power

Owner: Florian and Arlette Mittner, Tobel

Installer: Schönenberger & Partner AG, Rickenbach b. Wil

Apartment building Baselmatte, Allschwil


Building contractor: Wohnbaugenossenschaft Metzgersmatten Allschwil

System: FK2 flat roof solar thermal collectors

Architect: Seeger Architekten, Basel

Installation: Alltech Installationen AG, Basel

Special features: Minergie-P® standard

Single-family detached home, Oberdorf


Application: Hot water, space heating support and electricity

System: 2 FK1 in-roof collectors and 29 SunPower® Solrif® PV modules, 225Wp, all black

Output: 6.525 kWp

Owner: private

Specialist planning: Alphasoltech Schmidli und Walther, Liestal

Installation: Elektro Schmidli GmbH, Oberdorf

Single-family detached home, Lenzburg


System: 20 m²  collectors, photovoltaik installation with Solrif® 7.7 kWp, 3300-liter tank

Owner: Twerenbold-Thierstein family, Lenzburg

Architect: Heinz Imholz, Ennetbaden

Specialist planning: Daniel Twerenbold, HLK Ingenieur FH, Lenzburg

Installation of solar systems: Linus Bondt Sanitär & Heizungen, Däniken

Installation of PV and roofing work: Kilian Friedrich GmbH, Egliswil

Electrical wiring of PV system: Jost Wohlen AG

Single-family detached home Schletti, Zweisimmen


System: Photovoltaik modules SunPower® with Solrif® and in-roof collectors

Owner: Family Schletti

Architect: Atelier Werkidee, Matthias Trachsel, Zweisimmen

Planning/installation: G. Trachsel, Haustechnik, Zweisimmen

Special features: Minergie-P® standard

Residence house Gäbelbach, Bern


System: Flat roof solar thermal system

Building contractor: Fambau, Bern

Architect: Reinhardpartner Architekten und Planer AG, Bern

Specialist planning: Grünig und Partner AG, Liebefeld

Installation: Fritz Baur AG, Bern

Residence, business and industry house, Sumiswald

Residence, business and industry house, Sumiswald


Construction: 85 m2 in-roof collectors

Building contracteur: Kurt Baumberger, Sumiswald

Specialist planning/Installation: Ramseier AG, Grünenmatt

Multi family house, Feldbergstrasse 4/6, Basel

Multi family house, Feldbergstrasse 4/6, Basel


Construction: 15 in-roof collectors Type FK1-H2H

Buiding contractor: EcoRenova AG, Zurich

Planning: Viridén + Partner, Zurich

Specialist planning: Zurfluh Lottenbach GmbH, Lucerne

Installation contractor: Rosenmund Haustechnik AG, Basel

Renovation of a multi family house, St. Gallen

Renovation of a multi family house, St. Gallen


Construction: 63 m2 in-roof collectors for hot water heating

Building contractor: Wohnbaugenossenschaft Bavariabach, St. Gallen

Architect: Atelier EST, St. Gallen

Specialist planning: Rolf Baumann, St. Gallen

Installation: Imhof AG, Untereggen

Farmhouse, Zäziwil

Bauernhaus Zäziwil


Construction: In-roof collectors and Solrif photovoltaik in-roof installation system

Building contractor: Family Signer, Zäziwil

Specialist planning/Installation contractor: Roth Wärmetechnik AG, Langnau i.E.

Roof Installation Hammerstrasse 102, Zürich

Hammerstrasse Zürich

Construction: 3 x 45 m2 Solar energy collectors

Building Contractor: Dr. Stephan à Porta-Stiftung, Zürich

Installation: Solarline AG, Zürich

Multi family house in Eichbühlstrasse, Zurich/Switzerland

MFH Eichbühlstrasse Zürich

Construction: In-roof collectors

Principal client: Dr. Stephan à Porta-Stiftung, Zurich

General contractor: Mobag AG Generalunternehmung, Zurich

Sectoral planning: TEWE AG, Zurich

Installation contractor: Solarline AG, Zurich


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