Figures that illustrate our world.

In 2023, revenues of the Ernst Schweizer Group totalled CHF 164 million.
We reduced our carbon footprint by over 1170 tonnes in 2022, partly by using 185.9 tonnes of aluminium made from at least 75% recycled consumer waste.
In 2021, we consumed 9% less energy (electricity, heat) than in 1978, although turnover has almost doubled since then and the number of employees has increased by over 50%.


We have stood for high-quality and aesthetic solutions for over 100 years. Schweizer’s quality is proverbial. In addition to the functionality and execution quality of our products and services, reliability and commitment also count for us. Schweizer stands for handshake quality.

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Hochwertige Produkte


Schweizer’s products contribute to the energy transition and are manufactured in a socially and ecologically responsible manner. Our portfolio makes us an energy transition maker. For us, however, it is not only the “what” that is decisive, but also the “how”.

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We are quick to recognise opportunities and needs in the market and have been reinventing metal construction time and again for 100 years. Thinking ahead and creating ambitious solutions for the future is our daily aspiration. The continuous improvement of products and processes is our contribution to a dynamic building culture.

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Configure your own individual model.

Letter boxes and parcel boxes can be individually constructed with our configurator. Practically unlimited design, materiality and functionality options are available thanks to the modular system from Schweizer. It would be a shame if your letter box couldn’t keep up with the architecture and requirements of today.

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Konfigurator Briefkästen und Paketboxen

Our references – your inspiration.

We can look back at 100 years of experience in building and renovation. We have demonstrated our industry leadership and expertise in countless projects of differing sizes. Our references speak for themselves. You can explore a selection of product solutions and projects that we are particularly proud of.

Holz/Metall-Fenstersystem, windura E-top, Fassadensystem