Ernst Schweizer AG Board of Directors

From left: Prof. Dieter Fischer, Member, Cornelia Gehrig, Member, Samuel Schweizer, Delegate, Hans Ruedi Schweizer, President, Prof. Dr. Claude Siegenthaler, Vice President, Claudia Bollmann, Secretary.


Corporate and Executive Management

Corporate Management is responsible for the overall operative management of Ernst Schweizer AG. Together with the six business unit heads, it forms the Executive Management.

From left: Martin Rohrer, Folding and Sliding Walls Business Unit, Reto Meier, Wood/Metal Business Unit, Dr Gunnar Johansson, Solar Systems Business Unit, Samuel Schweizer, Chairman of the Management Board, Roman Berger, Management Board Member, Head of Building Envelopes, Laurent Baechler, Management Board Member, Head of Finance, Ernst Bertsch, Managing Director Ernst Schweizer GmbH, Austria (not a member of the Board), Marcel Wenzin, Façades Business Unit, Roger Bapst, Mail Boxes and Parcel Boxes Business Unit, Timotheus Abegg, Production and Infrastructure Business Unit.


Our history

We have stood for first-rate construction and renovation solutions for over 100 years. Our success is due to our being constantly in motion, and we will continue to do so in future. With values on which you can rely.

A family business since 1920 – in fourth-generation management today.

100 years of Schweizer – the film (in German).