Swiss debut for 100% recycled aluminum on the Green Metro Campus

Hedingen, 12 December 2023 – Third project in Europe and debut in Switzerland: By using 100% recycled aluminum, Green – in collaboration with Implenia, Ernst Schweizer, and Hydro Building Systems – has its sights firmly set on innovation. Recycled “end-of-life” aluminum reduces the carbon footprint by a factor of 40.

The Green Metro Campus located in Dielsdorf in the canton of Zurich is characterized by high energy efficiency and sustainability. Green, Switzerland’s leading data center provider, is building three high-performance data centers and a business park with modern office spaces on the site. The south office building is currently under construction and will be ready for occupation in the summer of 2024. Innovation is also a core aspect of this office building. By using newly developed 100% recycled aluminum, savings of over 167 tons of CO2 emissions can be made.

Carbon footprint reduced by factor of 40

100% recycled aluminum is the material used in the facade elements. Compared with primary aluminum, the 100% recycled “end-of-life” aluminum reduces the carbon footprint by a factor of 40 without affecting quality. “We’re always looking for innovative ways in which we can use new materials and we’re delighted that this has been successful in collaboration with our partners,” explains Roger Süess, CEO of Green.

Aluminum as the material of tomorrow

Aluminum is strong, light, and durable, making it the ideal material for sustainable building. The life cycle of aluminum is rivaled only by a handful of other materials, and it can be recycled almost as often as desired. Only 5% of the energy usually needed to manufacture primary metals is required during the aluminum recycling process. Thanks to these excellent recycling properties, the metal is already considered an important pillar for an authentic circular economy. Its strategic importance as a material in the building industry will only increase going forward.

The facade elements for Green’s new office building are produced by Ernst Schweizer AG. The aluminum itself is manufactured by the Norwegian Hydro Group. It is currently the only manufacturer capable of producing top quality, 100% “end-of-life” aluminum with a carbon footprint of almost zero, without adding any primary aluminum. Recycled “end-of-life” aluminum is obtained from aluminum that has been in use for decades. At present, the material is only available in small quantities and incurs higher costs. By using 100% recycled aluminum, the four partners are setting an example: a material with massive potential for the future is being used in Switzerland for the first time.


Key facts and figures about the south office building Green Metro Campus in Zurich

  • Office space: 3’000 m2
  • Sustainability: Photovoltaic panels in facade elements, use of climate-neutral waste heat from the Green data center, e-charging stations, Minergie standard
  • Overall view of area / shell of building: 1’863 m²
  • Facade elements: 118 units

Facade elements made from aluminum CIRCAL 100R:

  • Built-in volume: 20,699 kg
  • Savings in CO2 emissions: 167.66 t (in comparison to European average of primary aluminum). Savings of 167.66 tons of CO2 emissions are the equivalent of around 890,000 kilometres driven by car or around 73 flights from Zurich to New York.

Further information on CIRCAL 100R.

Further information on Green’s Metro-Campus Zürich.



The facade elements for Green’s new office building are produced by Ernst Schweizer AG.

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