Parcel boxes from Schweizer: receive parcels when nobody is home.

Smart parcel boxes from Schweizer are the next generation of our letter boxes.

Our parcel boxes are an uncompromising design for contemporary requirements in which increasing volumes of goods are purchased over the internet. This means that all delivery agents can deliver parcels directly and safely to your door – regardless of whether anybody is home or not.

Parcel boxes – a practical investment for owners and developers.

Innovative parcel boxes provide a convenient solution for receiving and sending parcels at any time of the day or night. Parcels can be delivered and safely deposited, even when nobody is at home. Return deliveries are also sent back with ease to addressees. This dispenses with unnecessary visits to the post office and secondary deliveries. Parcel boxes from Schweizer therefore create real added value for residents and simultaneously enhance the appearance of the entrance.

Use of the parcel box is very easy, and operation is simple. On receiving a delivery, the recipient is sent a message by eletter. Entering a PIN code on the info terminal opens the parcel compartment and provides access to the delivery.

Choose, plan and order. In the online shop.

Create an image of your new letter box or parcel box. You can configure your system in our online shop to meet your own special needs and expectations. The configurator creates a 3D image with all necessary details in a few clicks. The price calculated is also revealed to you immediately. You can order your desired model directly online.

A large selection of spare parts is also available. You can also easily order engraved nameplates for letter box doors, doorbells or front doors.

To the configurator and shop

Speedier service. And lasting value over many years.

The name Schweizer also stands for our resolute commitment to a close relationship with customers and customer satisfaction. We are more than happy to advise you when searching for the perfect solution. We guarantee our systems for 10 years and provide a 24-hour standby service. And what applies to our products also goes for our service: quality Schweizer workmanship.

Are you planning to refurbish a letter box, repair a letter box or would you like to have a letter box maintenance contract?

Our references – your inspiration.

Our references speak for themselves. You can explore a selection of letter and parcel box solutions that we are particularly proud of here.

New replacement building Seewadel, Affoltern a. A.

Lake Lucerne Apartements, Stansstad

Apartment house, Goldiger Berg, Affoltern a. A.

Residential estate, Heerenschürlistrasse, Zurich

Residential and commercial building Jabee Tower, Dübendorf

Briefly explained: the PaketboxCasa from Schweizer (in German)

Whether for tenants or owners - the parcel box provides relief and convenience. This is a big plus when renting or selling flats.

Do you have any questions regarding mail box and parcel box systems from Schweizer, or would you like to receive expert advice during a project?

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Daniel Keller

Head of Sales Letter boxes and parcel boxes German-speaking Switzerland and Ticino; Sales consultant (Aargau, Schaffhausen, Central Switzerland, Zurich; International)

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