Milestones in the succession arrangements at Ernst Schweizer AG

Hedingen, 7 June 2023 – The long-term succession plan at Ernst Schweizer AG has been successfully implemented. The majority of company shares have been transferred from Hans Ruedi Schweizer and his wife Johanna Lütolf to Samuel Schweizer, while the former Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Claude Siegenthaler becomes Chairman.

Since 1 October 2019, Samuel Schweizer has been responsible for the overall operational management of the Ernst Schweizer Group as Chief Executive Officer. Since that time, Hans Ruedi Schweizer has focused on the chairmanship of the Board of Directors. Now the transfer of shares has been arranged within the family in such a way that the majority of shares passes from Hans Ruedi Schweizer and his wife Johanna Lütolf to their son Samuel Schweizer. The latter remains Chairman of the Executive Board and Delegate of the Board of Directors.

As already announced, Hans Ruedi Schweizer is stepping down from the Board of Directors as of today – his 75th birthday. The current Vice Chairman, Professor Claude Siegenthaler, will take over as Chairman of the Board of Directors. He has been a member of the Board for one year, having previously worked as a strategy consultant for Schweizer since 2017.

Thus, further milestones have been reached in the long-term planned succession from the third to the fourth generation at Schweizer. Based on cooperation between the operationally active owner-entrepreneur and an external Chairman of the Board of Directors, the present model forms a solid basis for stability and sustainable development. A broad-based corporate and executive management, with comprehensive expertise in all areas, is another key factor for being able successfully to meet the social and entrepreneurial challenges of today and tomorrow.

The resigning Hans Ruedi Schweizer is very grateful to be able to hand over entrepreneurial responsibility to his son Samuel with the majority of the shares and to Claude Siegenthaler as Chairman of the Board of Directors: ‘It fills me with great pride and joy that the company remains in family hands, is solidly positioned and commercially successful. Samuel Schweizer has been directing the company since 2019, with great pleasure and sustainable success. Today’s changes provide a guarantee for the long-term preservation and further development of Ernst Schweizer AG as an independent family business. I will remain associated with the company as a minority shareholder. At the same time, I am looking forward to a new phase in my life and to having more time together with my wife for our diverse activities.’

Samuel Schweizer emphasises that Schweizer has done the necessary homework in recent years and is excellently positioned in the market: ‘As a Swiss solar pioneer and major contributor to the energy turnaround, we have long been actively involved in reducing the carbon footprint of the building sector with our innovative solutions in favour of renewable energies and energy efficiency. According to our mission statement, “We build today for the generation of tomorrow”, we aim to fulfil our responsibility towards the generations to come. My father set out on this path 45 years ago and we intend to pursue it consistently.’

‘I have already had the opportunity to familiarise myself with the company as an external strategy advisor, as well as for the past year as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The new Chairman of the Board of Directors Claude Siegenthaler is convinced of the great potential of Ernst Schweizer AG: “We want to grow, not least in Europe. And we want to create added value thanks to further innovations and the opportunities of digitalisation. At the same time, however, it is important to preserve the strengths, the approachability and the charm of a Swiss family business that has championed sustainability for generations.’”


Picture captions:
1. At the centre of the succession plan at Ernst Schweizer AG (from left to right):  Hans Ruedi Schweizer, resigning Chairman of the Board of Directors; Samuel Schweizer, Chairman of the Executive Board and Delegate of the Board of Directors; and Claude Siegenthaler, new Chairman of the Board of Directors.
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2. The succession arrangements were celebrated at a party for the employees in the Affoltern a.A. casino with speeches, music and an apero riche.
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