Convincing values and characteristics.

It is not always possible or technically expedient to completely replace the windows during a refurbishment. This is why Schweizer has developed the windura reno replacement window system with a wood/metal combination that exhibits impressive technical values and a positive price-performance ratio in its class. It can be fitted speedily to the existing intact frame by a single skilled worker with very little effort.

Window replacement achieved with ease.

As the fitting of a replacement window is achieved without interfering with the masonry, additional work performed by a painter or plasterer is also unnecessary. This means that you save valuable time and money. With the material combination of wood and metal, Schweizer also guarantees a long service life through the highest level of quality. The replacement window is also available in a purely wooden variant with metal cladding (windura reno H) and an interior frame made of wood instead of metal.

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Martin Knöpfel

Head of Sales Wood/metal systems